“Criterion is more than just a coworking space, it’s a values- driven community.”


We Value

COMMUNITY. We embrace others and support our city. Our space is a place to find your tribe and develop ideas that define your identity.

COLLABORATION. We know that work is always better when completed and ideated together. We are the space where people come together to meet, connect, and develop their dreams. 

CREATIVITY. We know getting out of your office or study inspires out of the box thinking. And getting into a new community can spark change that positively impacts a city. When it comes to creativity, space shapes output and people inspire the process. 

CURIOSITY. We ask questions. We seek innovative solutions. We are driven, and we know that entrepreneurs don’t go it alone. These ideas guide the work that we do, and are the reason we have created a space that supports entrepreneurial thinking. Through it all, we are a safe place to share and show your work. To recalibrate, innovate, and always be looking up.

SUSTAINABILITY. We want to leave our footprint in life not the environment. Our space uses reclaimed materials and locally sourced goods to build a better environment for our guests and community. Criterion Coworking values the importance of health and wellbeing for entrepreneurs’ and professionals’ success, and provides support for individual and community health and well-being. 

AUTHENTICITY. We realize the best moments happen when people are being real. That’s why we’re transparent in everything we do. Transparency builds trust, relationships, and connections that change the shape of tomorrow.