What We're Doing Here

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for joining us on the journey!

We (Matt & Janice) have wanted to open a co-working space made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs for a long time now. Matt & I have both owned our own businesses since 2009 and have found it an increasing struggle to find like-minded people with which to learn, grow, and work in community. The entrepreneur life can be a lonely one, and we're faced with questions and problems that not all our family and friends understand. Only when we started meeting other entrepreneurs and small business owners did we find that the journey was a lot better with friends walking alongside of us.

We've also noticed as entrepreneurs that its really difficult to separate work-life from home-life. While home-offices are great, they are bound to the commitments of being home with constant distractions and interruptions. It can also be quite difficult to run a professional business from your home. We have always taken meetings for our businesses at our coffeehouse, because we have no set office or space in which to meet with clients or have important conversations with staff. But even there, interruptions and distractions are everywhere.

Enter Criterion Coworking: a professional and inspiring space for entrepreneurs to do their best work. A space for you to be inspired, to work hard, and then to be able to leave your work somewhere other than your home. A space for collaboration and idea-sharing. A place for dream building and community making. A place for you to find the people that will walk alongside you in your entrepreneurship journey.

And we are so excited to share this space with you, the entrepreneurs of Fort Worth.

Stay tuned for updates.

janice townsend