Pre-sales Coming Soon!

The team here at Criterion Coworking is excited to announce that we’ll begin pre-sales soon! Early bird discounts will be available for our Open Work memberships, as well as limited Dedicated Desks and Private Offices!

Whatever your needs are as a small business owner or entrepreneur in Fort Worth, our structure supports your creativity. Whether it’s starting a small business, recording a new podcast in our podcasting suite, bring to life a new creative project, implementing an initiative to promote social change around the world, or just finding an inspiring place to work alongside a community of entrepreneurs, Criterion dares you to do your best work here. And we promise to give you the support you need (coffee, printers, natural light, perfect tables, and just the right musical musings) to design the life of your dreams. All inside a structure that brings structure and community to all you do. 

Do your best work here. Dare your best work here.. Create your best work here. Collaborate your best work here.

janice townsend